How Do I Get My Puyallup Business Higher On Google(r) in 2021?

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Puyallup is growing fast. All you have to do is drive (or try to drive, walking may be faster) down Meridian to see that. Retail stores, health food, restaurants, auto repair and more are all fighting for space and room for their signs.
But you don't need to go to all that trouble with Internet Marketing in Puyallup.
How much does one sign cost these days? A local company (not a large one) recently told me their sign, with installation, was just over $20,000. And it's important to have the right sign.
You will get more business from a high-quality web site, however. And the investment isn't even 25% the price of that sign.
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The ROI (Return on Investment) of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is higher than that of street signs also. Why?
Think of this; there are 10,000 cars that go down South Meridian every few hours, each day. But how many of them are really interested in your business? Yes, you might catch the eye of a few people, but you would be extremely lucky if 1% of the people that saw your sign actually stopped in.
Every person that comes to your web site, however, comes there because they are interested in what you have.
100% of the people that go to your web site do so because they think you have a solution to their problem.
If you are looking for "Puyallup SEO Near Me," you've come to the right place. Yes, our office is in S. Tacoma, but I lived in Puyallup for many years and still do most of my business there. In fact, I first started my web design/search engine optimization business in Puyallup in 2002 (yes, we've been around that long).
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But why is now the time to get Search Engine Optimization for your Puyallup business? Think of these things:
There are over 40,000 searches per month for Puyallup businesses. Not Seattle, not even Tacoma: Puyallup!
That's over 100 searches every waking hour.
People don't go past page 1 when searching for products and/or services (when's the last time you did?).
Many people don't go past the map (is your business listed there?).
Potential clients may not trust a business that's not high in the search engines.
The Internet is the new Yellow Pages. The largest ad in the phone book used to get the most clients. Now, the web site that's at the top of the search engines gets the most clients.
Chances are, you are reading this page on Puyallup SEO because you found it on the search engines.

How to Prepare for SEO

There are several things you can do to prepare for SEO and we have broken them down into 3 easy steps:

  1. Determine your SEO goals. And decide how you will judge whether you are succeeding.
    Who are you selling to? You may have a Puyallup company, but do you only sell in Puyallup? What type of person do you want to sell to? Who is most likely to buy your product or service?
    Those are the people we need to get to your web site.
  2. Compile a list of 3-5 Puyallup SEO companies.
    Talk to each of them and ask questions like:
    What process will you use to accomplish our goals and why? If they tell you their process is "proprietary," or they have a "secret sauce," don't hire them. There is nothing secret about SEO. It's not easy, but there is not one thing that can't be found on the internet.
    What's your communication and reporting process? Make sure you can get reports on how the work is going.
    What resources will we need to commit? SEO is not a one-way street and you know your business much better than they do. A good company will keep in contact with you about what's working and get your input on keywords and strategies.
    How do you work with Google? If they tell you they have a number for Google, or they keep in contact with a representative, don't hire them. Google doesn't do that for the biggest SEO companies, they are not going to do it will a local one.
    What is your pricing structure and contract terms? Get this up front. The best SEO companies will only bill month to month (or, like with us, we offer a discount for multi-month billing but will also give a refund for any months not used if there is a cancellation).
  3. Hire the company you feel most comfortable working with.
    Use what you learned and trust your gut. You may find a Puyallup SEO company that is great, but the personalities may clash with yours. It's not all about the techy-nerdy stuff, you have to be able to get along with the people.
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-Dr. Ty Belknap,
CEO, Port Bell SEO

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